As a style accessory, eyeglasses are practically an extension of
personality. Clean or fashionable,  baroque or minimalist, they
are more than a protection; they are a vision of life.


At Lapima we value the real luxury, where less becomes more;
details do not scream, but are silent, intrinsic, and timeless.
Inspired by deconstructivism and architectural lines,
six styles arrived in 2016 after two years of research, making a
crossover between technology and craftwork.


Made by high-tech machinery without overshadowing the
dedicated craftsmanship work, they are an ode to
design, form and function.


The neutral color chart and sculptural shape reinforce the idea
that those who wear our glasses are part of a contemporary,
globetrotter tribe, filled with references and cultural
background. They aren’t impressed with adornments, but instead
with content, history and quality.

Unibody sculptured acetate plate, imported from Italy, with
french lenses, german hinges and Brazilian design and
production, they merge past and present and definitely
were made to last.

Lapima. Shaped in Brazil.